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Yadranka Award Winning Photographic Art

Awe stopping, heartfelt, "is that a painting", is how Yadranka's beautiful wall decor has been designed & created for countless 
homes and offices for 30+ years. 

Dedication, passion & heart has fueled Yadranka to become one of the best professional photographers in Vancouver, BC, & Canada having travelled as far as Australia and Bahamas, Beijing, Europe, Mexico, Maui, in the USA, across Canada, and throughout B.C. to create beautiful photographic images for her clients.

Knowing her passion behind the camera, with an eye for detail, and perfection, her images capture that essence. 

Yadranka has also written meaningful messages through her poetry and together with her beautiful photography, this wall decor & cards artwork is captivating and one of a kind, all on it's own.

Her images have won her many BC & Canadian Photographic Awards yet more importantly is knowing how much her images bring years of joy to others.

She's even had the pleasure to create memorable experiences for the same clients for over 25 years for their Engagement, Wedding, 10 & 25 year Anniversary Portraits! Having created Canvas Portraits & albums they've enjoyed for all those years knowing they're treasured heirlooms for their family.

"I am pleased that Yadranka has found a beautiful way to share her creative genius with the world. I have enjoyed her wonderful work for years, now you can as well." 
~ Bob Proctor 

"Yadranka is a rare and unique artist! Her poetry and photographic images are masterfully combined in such a beautiful way that they inspire others to believe in themselves and reach for their dreams."
~ Mark Victor Hansen 
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