Coaching & Speaking

Speaking ~ 
A Globally known-Award Winning Speaker & Published Author
National Certified Sports & High Performance Coach
Self Empowerment Mentor 
Advocate for Health & Wellness & Spiritual Awareness 

Yadranka has received recognition and many Awards for her passion and outstanding performance for service she has dedicated her life to so far. She loves helping people reach their goals!

She has coached thousands of people for many years through the Art of Photography, dance, health & fitness, the sport of competitive & recreational Curling, High Performance, Children's/Beginner Golf, Health & Wellness, Self-Empowerment and Spirituality. 

She enjoys speaking engagements, webinars and guest appearances with the desire to empower people to improve their lives, ignite their passion to pursue their goals and create the life they desire.

Yadranka is passionate to teach principles she's learned from the best in the world and can apply instantly to our daily lives!

With extensive knowledge, experience & success in different fields, Yadranka delivers a wealth of information from speaking infront of thousands and looks forward to impacting even more!

She believes in taking on a goal & exceeding it with the expectation and attitude of, "I can, you can, we all can!", creating a Team mentality to support each other!

Step out of your comfort zone, unleash your potential & be ready to get to work on what you really want to improve!

However hard or distant it may seem, prepared to be inspired and self motivated with a Blue print for success! Her incredible will power she's had in her life will inspire you to do the same.

What makes Yadranka different is her fresh and innovative approach with ideas that challenge you, finding the joy and to celebrate your moments of success along the way.

She will deliver healthy, abundant lifestyle ideas, and challenge you to perform your best in your life! 
Teaching anyone from young to adult about Life Lessons & being the best you can be.

Improve one's Business, increase Employees' productivity, enhance Athletes and Teams performance, improve relationships, increase abundance, renew your self worth, feel confident and wake up to a life worth living!

"I am pleased that Yadranka has found a beautiful way to share her creative genius with the world. I have enjoyed her wonderful work for years, now you can as well." ~ Bob Proctor

"Yadranka is a rare and unique artist! Her poetry and photographic images are masterfully combined in such a beautiful way that they inspire others to believe in themselves and reach for their dreams." ~ Mark Victor Hansen

*Challenge 143 ~ Inspired Motivation 

*Bridge the Income Gap 

*T.E.A.M. ~ Create Your Best Performance 

*Going for Gold in Life, Sports or Career

*Extra Resources, Better Health, Time Freedom, What Do you Dream of for you, and your Family?

*Heal and Connect to Your Loved Ones, Feel the Faith and Guidance from your Angels and Spirit Guides 
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