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Fall in Love with Your Life Again ~ Yadranka's Book Launch 2024

Yadranka's newest Book is designed to ignite your passion to pursue your dreams and fall in love with your life again, regardless of circumstances and timeline! 

Especially since we've all had to endure a Pandemic! What better timing to have someone tug at your heartstrings and motivate your mindset with a positive outlook at life and renewed sense of hope.

Yadranka is an expert on self empowerment! She's studied alongside some of the world's best for many years, most notable, the late, world renowned Author & lecturer Bob Proctor, and with incredible knowledge can pass on valuable insight to others that took her years to learn and apply to life! 

She wants to share this with you so you can realize your own goals much quicker and enjoy life the way you truly want to, or had expected to since your younger years. Life is precious and while you still have the chance, do what you deserve to experience.

Understand what may have gotten in your way along the journey of your life, and create the opportunity to unveil your potential. Sometimes in order to go ahead, you've got to go back a bit and understand what gets in your way, and with Yadranka's help to understand yourself better and enjoy life even more. 

Yadranka took on a few life challenges, body, mind and soul to improve her own life and wants to share valuable insight what she took on to inspire you to do the same. 
Engage your mindset, challenge yourself in all aspects of your life, go for your goals and then truly live your dreams, enjoy the gift of your life, at a level that'll excite you once again!

Step out of your comfort zone, unleash your potential & be ready to experience what you really want to with Yadranka who is caring and compassionate and guides you along your journey to create your opportunity to get to where you want to be, and to believe it's possible.

After years of incredible experiences and what she's written, it'll inspire you to create the motivation and the difference you're looking for! She did it, so can you! 

Everyone has a story, let it go and live your life now and create the story you have in your heart. 

Be sure to preorder your copy at launch 2024!

"I am pleased that Yadranka has found a beautiful way to share her creative genius with the world. I have enjoyed her wonderful work for years, now you can as well." 
~ Bob Proctor 
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