Healing Hotline


Yadranka has a heart for helping others to heal.

With a caring nature and understanding, extensive study, knowledge, and experience on many levels, Yadranka could be the person to talk with, to open your mind and heart to heal.

If it means being touched by Angels, a guiding energy comes to her, and she can guide you to giving yourself permission to heal.

There's so many reasons people need healing from something in their lives. With her guidance, she'll help you to learn the things that are in your way to heal, and how you can heal quicker with renewed awareness.

If she can help you create a new outlook, chances are you'll feel a sense of freedom and confidence that you're looking for to feel better about yourself and your life.

You deserve to live your best life and Yadranka likes to see people find their happiness again, empowered by the passion she has to help you heal.
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