Your Best Health

High Performance Sports Coach Health Tips ~

~ Enjoy your sports, workout, exercise, activity, or working, with less stress, pain, fatigue and more performance
~ Burn stored fat and get more results from your exercise
~ Have more energy
~ Feel better about yourself and have more confidence
~ Get educated on how you can improve your family's health
~ Set a good example of good health everyday 
~ Be productive and proactive in your daily life and health 
~ Look and feel younger 
~ Make a difference for our environment 

Yadranka is committed to helping you create your best health possible with her knowledge, health tips and many years of experience as a High Performance, Nationally Certified Sports Coach, Athlete and Mentor.

~ She's willing to share some of the best decisions she's made
~ The challenges she's committed to with a rewarding finish
~ Her secret to looking and feeling younger
~ Tips to lead a healthy lifestyle easily everyday 

Throughout Yadranka's life and her careers she has always kept being in her best health forefront, and has focused on Physical & Mental Training throughout all of her adult life.

A Dance & BCRPA Fitness Instructor in the 80's, National Certified Coach (NCCP) in the sport of Competitive Curling, competitive and recreational curler/coach, Community Club Golf Coach, Accredited Professional Photographer, Events Coordinator-Server/Bartender, married to 2000 World Mens Curling Champion Legend Greg McAulay and sporty Gramma to eight beautiful young grandchildren.

Yadranka achieved a personal 7+ year bicycle challenge starting at age 49, then again for a few years during Covid. Starting in May 2021 she took on achieving continuous monthly Concept2 Rowing Challenges with a total of over 4.1 Million meters accomplished in 2.5 years and still going strong!

Globally known, and just over 60 years of age, she continues to lead by example so you will be inspired to live a healthy lifestyle much easier, with a lot more fun and a community of like minded people supporting you for your participation and efforts!!
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