Angel Guide Certification

Angel Guide Certification

Since August 2010, she's experienced life changing spiritual connections, and has countless stories she can share that have helped people by this 'spiritual energy' that comes through her.

In March 2023 Yadranka completed her 'Angel Guide Certification' from world-known Professional Psychic Medium, Kyle Gray from the UK, with her curiosity to know more and offer healing to others.

Learning to understand "her gift", she's seen the difference it makes when she's innocently discussing with someone, most often by chance about their loved one they miss that's passed on, and an energy comes through her body that's noticeable, every time! 
It's happened countless times throughout the years and it isn't something she knows is coming. It just happens. A high frequency energy from a Spiritual Realm.

People long to heal their hearts from missing their loved ones that have passed on, so to see someone use this connection as a way towards healing is absolutely heartwarming and rewarding and every person wants a hug afterwards! 

With many stories of her personal connections, it's become invaluable for people to feel a sense of healing and this message coming through her. 

Lately her connections have strengthened, it's gone beyond just a conversation with someone. She has felt a connection for someone needing healing, or Angels looking out for a loved one to be healthy or comforted knowing they'll live on in a Spirit world beyond their body afterwards.

Her gift is meant to reach out to help people feel better, and she loves sharing her knowledge.

Through study, understanding and experience she believes this energy is expressing that Spirits and Angels are alive in the heavens, and sending messages for people to heal in their hearts. 
To have faith in the Spirit world, believe that their loved ones souls are free, and nearby protecting them and giving them permission to live life happily and using Yadranka has an energy source to relay this message.

She's confident to do readings using Kyle Gray's Angel Oracle Cards when someone is looking for messages through their Angel's guidance for healing and connection through this Spiritual Realm, with Yadranka.

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