Events ~ Creative, Fun & Memorable 

Yadranka works with her clients to create a memorable and special experience for each event in every aspect & setting to its fullest from beginning to end for everyone.

Her magical inspiration and creativity are endless with an exceptional eye for detail. 
With props, costumes, accessories and fancy banquet items to choose from, she can create your special Event indoors or outside whatever the occasion is, to fit your budget 

She offers expertise from years of experience with Dance Productions, her love for music, on location photography, serving, bartending, organizing banquets and sports tournaments from start to finish, for children to adults.

Whether it's an intimate affair for a couple, Children having a magical birthday party, a Family having a unique portrait experience, a group celebrating a special occasion, Yadranka will make sure it's special. 

Add her photography and voila, you've created amazing memories!

Whatever you'd like to Celebrate, Book a consultation with Yadranka today and be excited to have her create a special and unique event created especially for you.
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