Upcoming Books

Book Launch Winter 2020

With a wealth of information Yadranka's First Book is designed to egnite the passion to pursue one's dreams and fall in love with their life even more!

She's studied alongside some of the world's best for years, most notable, world renowned Life Success Coach Bob Proctor, and can pass on valuable insight to others that took her years to learn and apply to life!

This is an opportunity to truly realize that their goals are reachable and take less time in doing so.

Step out of your comfort zone, unleash your potential & be ready to get to work on what you really want to when someone like Yadranka gives you the opportunity to!

After years of writing and putting all her experience together, she's got ideas she's sure will make the difference you're looking for!

With World Wellness on her Team's Agenda, the first book will definitely get you motivated to lace up your running or walking shoes, get off the phone and the couch, feel energized and have reasons to get moving more, or again! 

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