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Creating Your Special Day

Imagine your perfect Wedding Day, special in every way from start to finish, with all the beautiful moments and memories you'll share with your family and friends, within your budget, whatever it is. 

There's so much that goes into creating a beautiful Wedding Day and she knows what it entails, and would love to create it with you! It's more then just planning and she knows how much a wedding day can cost. 

Yadranka believes a wedding day can be more about the beautiful experience and memories, not how much you have to spend.

With this in mind she offers her wedding clients so much knowledge, creativity, a Team to assist her, her photography, and has beautiful items in stock for decor and catering to create the look you're dreaming of!

Yadranka has 30 years of experience with Weddings, Professional Photography and putting together an intimate occasion, to quite a few hundred, with different types of celebrations and religious ceremonies, indoors, outdoors, and knowing so many locations in the lower mainland of Vancouver, B.C. She's even travelled as far as Australia, Bahamas, Ontario, and parts of B.C. to do weddings! 

Book a consultation with Yadranka today, and share what your Dream is for you Wedding day and she'll help you to create it! Whether it's your photography or the whole event!
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